Kelowna wine making shop aspiring to enhance your Okanagan lifestyle. Available now LE20 Nerello

LE20 Nerello from Sicily, Italy

Sun kissed Sicily has been growing grapes for more than 3000 years; the hot temperatures, consistent sunshine and moderate rainfall make it a wine haven.  The slopes around Mount Etna on the island’s east coast are a sweet spot for Nerello, where the higher elevation brings cooler nighttime temperatures which help maintain the grape’s desirable acidity.  The volcanic soils  impart mineral notes on the grape, and with Etna’s frequent eruptions, soil composition is constantly transforming.

The Grape

Grown on the slopes of an active volcano, Nerello is a wine that knows how to get your attention and keep it!  Appealing aromas of cherry, strawberry and rose unfold into juicy red berry and crushed strawberry flavours with hints of cinnamon and herbs.  Sleek and savoury with earthy and mineral nuances, fresh acidity and smooth, polished tannins.

  • Dry
  • Medium-full body
  • Medium oak
  • 13.5% alcohol
  • $208.38 for approx. 23 liters. Includes labels, shrinks, corks, service & tax

Very exciting, indeed!