July 2017 Newsletter!!! Summer is finally here


Hello Everyone!!!

Milana is going on vacation at the end of July. So we figured we would have some fun with her…..Hehe

We are giving 10% off any wine kit in the month of July but there is a twist.( insert evil laugh)

To redeem your discount you have to come into the store and sing Milana a wine related song!

And to give you a hint we heard that she LOVES Red Red Wine by UB40 (again evil laugh)

So lets be creative and have some fun.  And as usual wine wine and more wine!!!!

New Limited Edition Eclipse Coming Soon……

Sneak Peek! A new Limited Release Eclipse wine is coming this July. Hailing from Languedoc France, Eclipse Nocturnal is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault harvested under the moonlit sky to create a captivating palate of plum, black raspberry and woodsmoke.

Following on the foot steps of last years Limited Edition Eclipse Bravado, this wine will sure to please fans of heavy duty reds. 

Stay Tuned!!! 

Summer is  here !!! What a better way to celebrate then enjoying a nice refreshing glass of Island Mist wine on the deck or pool side. These unique kits make a fun, refreshing wine-based full fruit flavoured beverage to enjoy anytime. Come in and start yours today. Our friendly staff will also carbonate it for you if you ask really nice. Hey Kelowna, Canada just turned 150 so lets celebrate and act like we are still 149!!!! Cheers

On the Rocks Cider…

  On the Rocks Cider  is  now our preferred brand of  ciders.  Fruity and fizzy is the best way to describe these perfect refreshing sippers. Featured  flavours are:

  • Blueberry Hard Cider
  • Apple
  • Mixed Berry Hard Cider
  • Raspberry Lime Hard Cider

These ciders can also be made at home, but for full carbonated goodness it’s best that we make them in our shop!

Sale! Sale! Sale! 

Four Week wines on sale this month. Save $10 per batch.

  • Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Vintners Sauvignon Blanc
  • WV Italian Nebbiolo
  • WV French Sauvignon Blanc ( Come see how the french do it!!!)

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